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Liberty Lighthouse Group is a leading independent and the oldest operating Asia Pacific Spirits agency.

A provider of Cutting-Edge Spirits, either new brands or further support established brands for Domestic, Duty-Free, and other sales channels.

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About Us

Our Name

The first reference to the ‘Liberty Lighthouse‘ appeared to me when I visited the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.

Above the entrance, hung a plaque stating Lady Liberty is a ‘Lighthouse.’ A Lighthouse is a sign that indicates a “Safe HARBOR” for sailors and to guide ships away from danger.

Liberty Lighthouse Group is a safe company that will guide and protect your brand’s future.


Liberty Lighthouse Group is a brand-building company, working on sales and marketing principles with global brand strategies. We transfer global sales and marketing programs into local actions with the consumer as the ultimate judge.

Liberty Lighthouse core company values are:

  • Being ahead of the Curve
  • Cutting Edge Brands
  • Dedication without conflict
  • Pragmatism
  • Transparency
  • Partnership

We work in close relationships with our partners (brand owners, suppliers, and distributors), always maintaining open and responsive lines of communication.


In a growing market for imported alcoholic beverages and continuous consolidation in the industry, independent suppliers are looking for a full service & professional regional distribution partner that respects strategic guidelines and marketing principles.

At the same time, domestic and duty-free distributors are looking for a partner that adds value through in-depth regional knowledge, works close to-the-market, provides high-quality service, and understands their specific local needs & requirements.

Liberty Lighthouse Group is that partner.


Liberty Lighthouse Group Agency focus is: The Right Brands with the Right Distributors in the Right Market.

It is our mission to identify potential distributor’s needs and the opportunities in each market as well as establish an efficient and effective link between distributors and consumers. We create long term sustainable brand equity, based on reliable distribution and consistent marketing principles, including the introduction of innovative concepts.

Portfolio :

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Domestic Market

Liberty Lighthouse Group works with a select number of international agents that, in turn, focus on the highest quality importers/ distributors, assuring the best possible distribution for each of our brands. Our distribution partners are carefully selected and share our brand-building philosophy. In several markets, we offer 2-3 distributor options, avoiding competitive issues within the distributor portfolio. We maintain close contact to make sure that the brands are being represented and appropriately promoted by the market.

Duty Free & Travel Retail

The Duty-Free channel typically includes free-trade zones, military, diplomatic services, airports, seaports, cruise ships, cargo/commercial vessels, and border stores. We service all the relevant operators in these channels, via our co-operation with local partners with their regional duty-free distributors. For many brands, travel retail is a vital annual show window.

Trade Shows

Liberty Lighthouse Group attends the annual TFWA conferences in Singapore and Cannes. Along with other Asia/Pacific and European Trade Shows: Prowien, we are present.


  • Our Marketing team consists of experienced roles in International Marketing Management, Trade marketing, Online marketing, and Sales & Marketing coordination.
  • Fully integrated brand-building through marketing driven exercises based on both global brand strategy and local insights/needs
  • Development and execution of strategic regional marketing investment plans
  • Development and execution marketing plans in key markets
  • Develop a regional pricing strategy.
  • Implementation of regional spirit brand marketing actives
  • Social Media communication implementation for such sites: Sino Weibo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Education of staff in each channel through workshops and training
  • Guide all markets on brand image and price positioning.
  • Support for Advertising & Promotion budgets
  • Allocation, distribution, and implementation of POSM
  • Monthly Reporting and Communication on Best Practices throughout the regional markets
  • Tracking and reporting of Key Performance Indicators
  • Periodic reporting to brand owners on progress, depletions, and A&P expenses
  • PR: strong relationships with trade press to promote brands in print and online.

Consulting Services – International Markets

  • Strategic Sales, Marketing & Finance Plans
  • The route to Market Strategy
  • Price and Tracking Analysis
  • Channel Strategy: On-Line, Duty Paid & Duty-Free, Seaports, Military

Distributor and Broker Network

We have access to a full line of Distributors and Brokers through our relationships. Through long- term relationships with international partnerships, our global experience allows us to source the ideal go-to-market approach in the marketplace.

  • Explore Duty-Free Channels: Airports, Downtown, Border shops, Seaports, Cruise Ships, and Military PX
  • Establish high profile On-Off Premise accounts for allocated items
  • Consistent Off-Premise Independent Programs
  • Explore all On- Premise National account opportunities
  • Online: Sales, Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters
  • New Product Concepts
  • Executive Searches
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business to Business
  • Market Research
  • A Team of Global Liquor Agents

How did we accomplish our work for your Brand Company?

Product to Market Services

  • Label registration: EU/UK/China/ India/Japan/other countries
  • Warehousing Bond or Under Bond
  • Logistics
  • Country by Country Brand Registration
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Network
  • Sales Network
  • Sales and Marketing Program
  • On-Line (B2B)
  • Research Capabilities

Research Services: Constantly monitors the pulse of the marketplace and works closely with our industry specialists to support market penetration and advise clients of the latest market trends and developments. Our research provides insightful analysis, ranging from national trends to local market expertise and submarket details.

  • Packaging Needs
  • Brand Educational Seminars

Training and Development

We provide clients with sales, marketing, and critical accounting training at various levels of development. In addition, we offer one on one coaching and mentoring programs.

The role of a salesperson is changing and has to change. A salesperson must be able to talk about his market in fact-based terms, know how to negotiate, and have a consistent vision.

Liberty Lighthouse Group will support your Brand future projects

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