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Triple Crown American Whiskey Premium

  • Triple Crown North American Blended Whiskey is a unique blend of Bourbon, Small Grain Rye, Malted Barley and Corn.
  • Our water source is The Great Miami Aquifer, created from an ancient glacier that left water filtered through limestone and sand that is Iron free, essential for the production of fine whiskey
  • Triple Crown Whiskey’s yeast strain has been used and perfected continuously for almost 70 years.
  • Within our blend, our bourbon is the most expensive bourbon ever created, 40% of the bourbon mash is small grain Rye & Barley Malt while 60% is corn.
  • All of the barrels used in the Triple Crown ageing process are first fill bourbon barrels, stored in brick warehouses to ensure the most consistent maturation process possible.

Triple Crown has been named a winner in the elite Rising Star category. A gain of over 950% in 2014.

The SIP Awards is the only international spirit competition that delivers the opinions, thoughts and voices of the consumers to the general public.

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Triple Crown Butterscotch Whiskey

The natural combination of authentic butterscotch flavor combined with the rich whiskey taste and delicate toffee nose that Triple Crown is known for. The familiar butterscotch aroma is complemented by a delicate, golden caramel taste and buttery smooth finish. Triple Crown Butterscotch, a masterful blend we are proud to call our first signature flavor of Triple Crown Whiskey.