This is the one and only straight whiskey Rose City Distillery currently produces. The mash bill is 95% rye and 5% malted barley. It is aged in charred (#4 char) new American white oak barrels. The whiskey is sourced as raw distillate from distilleries in Indiana and Kentucky. It comes in as uncut white spirit at 135 proof. We blend down that raw spirits with water to our “barrel proof” of between 122 and 115 proof. This is described as “Barrel Proof”. Once aged for 2 years we then blend it down to our bottle strength of 100 proof.

Tasting & Noise Notes: James Oliver Rye Whiskey has a golden amber color, along with an aroma of granola, Greek yogurt, rye, and peppercorn. Notes of spicy grains, buttered dough, and roasted nuts dominate the palate, and give way to a finish accented by notes of black pepper and honeyed nuts.

  • 100% American Rye Whiskey
  • 2 years old Distilled in Indiana
  • Barreled, Aged & Bottled in Portland, OR
  • Aged in new American oak barrels (#4 char)
  • 100 proof


  • 2011, 2012, 2013 GADF - Gold Medal
  • 2013 BTI Chicago - Gold Medal (90 pts)
  • 2013 50 Best Whiskies
  • 2014 BTI Chicago - Gold Medal (91 pts)
  • 2014 GADF - Silver Medal
  • 2015 GADF - Bronze Medal
  • 2015 Whiskies of the World - Silver Medal (Best in Craft)
  • 2016 50 Best Rye Competition NYC - Gold Medal


100% American Whiskey which is double barreled in bourbon and sherry barrels. This a blend of 3 whiskeys to make one whiskey. The primary whiskey (70% of overall blend) is an 9 yr. old straight corn whiskey sourced from Indiana aged in first fill ex-bourbon barrels. The second whiskey (25% of overall blend) is SRS whiskey (*see SRS mash bill) and the remaining 5% is our James Oliver Straight Rye Whiskey (95% rye & 5% malted barley mash bill) 86 proof

  • 100% American Whiskey
  • Double barreled in used bourbon and sherry barrels
  • High rye bourbon distillate
  • Flavors of creamy toasted oats, caramel and oak 43%/86 proof
  • Barreled and bottled in Oregon


  • 2015 International Whiskey Competition - Gold Medal
  • 2015 GADF - Double Gold Medal (Best in Show)


This is a blend of 2 Rye Whiskeys to make one whiskey. The first whiskey is our James Oliver Straight Rye whiskey. (* see straight whiskey section for mash bill) It makes up 50% of the overall blend. The second whiskey is the same distillate as the JOR but barreled in charred ex-Bordeaux and Burgundy wine barrels and makes up the 50% of the overall blend. The American oak barrels provide a huge vanilla and caramel nose along with the expected rye herbaceous spicy flavor. While the ex-wine barrels provide more subtle vanilla high notes and less caramel aroma, they do provide a wonderful wine finish to an excellent rye profile. Each rye whiskey is aged 2yrs and is blended to perfection and creates the biggest point of difference when compared to JOR. -90 proof



A a perfect blend of two distinctive whiskeys: Stampede Whiskey makes up 80% of overall recipe and our 2 yr. old straight corn whiskey rounds out the remaining 20% of overall recipe. A complex 4 year old blended malt whiskey primarily aged in first fill ex-bourbon barrels, and a 2 yr. old single grain corn whiskey aged in imported charred Bordeaux and Burgundy wine barrels from Napa California. Blended to perfection, this whiskey has a warm cereal grain and toasted vanilla nose, a creamy and smooth mouthfeel with a noticeable wine and sherry finish. Both are barreled, aged, blended and bottled in the Pacific Northwest. 90 proof



This is a Blended Grain Whiskey. Mash Bill of 40% rye, 30% corn, and 30% malted barley. 4 yrs. in first fill Bourbon barrels and finished for 6 months in Oloroso sherry barrels. Very smooth, sweat caramel and sherry nose with a light approachable palate. A blend of 4-8 year old Canadian whiskeys aged in bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks for 6 months 80 proof

  • 80 proof/40% Alc.
  • Blend of 4-8 year old Canadian Whiskey
  • Bourbon barrels
  • Grain bill of 40% rye, 30% corn, 30% barley
  • Finished in sherry barrels for 6 months


  • 2013 San Francisco World Spirits
  • 2013 GADF - Silver Medal
  • 2014 GADF - Gold Medal
  • 2015 GADF - Silver Medal


This is a Blended Grain Whiskey. A special anniversary edition of our Snake River Stampede, aged 2 additional years in ex-rye barrels. Same mash bill as above. 4 yrs. in first fill Bourbon barrels, 6 months in finished in Oloroso sherry casks for 6 months. Barrels and an additional 2 years in first fill James Oliver Rye barrels. Very smooth, sweat caramel and sherry nose with a distinct rye spice and aroma. This whiskey is more complex with a rich and bold finish. 80 proof



A true American product made for people who work hard and believe important to shake the hand of the person you deal with. Made with 100% American products. We proudly present from the Farm-City Pro Rodeo, an American spirit for the Western spirit.

This is blend of 2 whiskeys to create one whiskey. This blend is 50% Snake River Stampede whiskey (mash bill) and 50% our 4 yr. old Canadian Straight Rye Whiskey (think- Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey) with a mash of 95% Rye and 5% malted Barley all from Canada. Both are whiskeys sourced from Canada and primarily aged in first fill ex-bourbon barrels. This Canadian Rye is very different, lighter in flavor and aroma than our American Straight Rye Whiskey that we source from Kentucky and Indiana. - 80 proof

  • Made with 100% American products.
  • 50% Rye 50% Mash blend
  • 80 Proof 40% ABV
  • Produced and bottled


  • 2016 - Best of the Northwest in Sip Magazine - Bronze Medal
  • 2016 - Best Oregon Whiskey of International Whiskey Competition

Double Barrel Stone Whiskey

Double Barrel Stone Whiskey is made in the USA . Our mash build is 40% Rye 30% Barley 30% Corn. Aged in two different types of barrels for 8 years

Double Barrel Stone Whiskey© is a blended whiskey that displays a complex copper and mahogany coloration and leaves a tell-tale trail of its strength on the sides of the glass. The bold front-and-center rush of flavor has hints of corn fields waving in the background. Bucking tradition and standing as a defiant fusion of classic American whiskey with good ole' shine. Stone Whiskey© is relatable and very timely- a perfect blend of hard work and determination. Full-bodied yet flavorful, dried fruits and vanilla kick at the tonsils with a strong finish that is pure Southern hospitality with ghostly trails of caramel lingering at the end, leaving you with a strong impulse to knock it back again and again.

Our whiskey is aged in charred American white oak barrels, which imparts a rich honey gold coloring and delightful nose. Stone is a whiskey with good balance and robust character. The initial rush of flavors include pralines, vanilla, and dried fruit with a smooth, silky finish. Bottled at 40% ALC/VOL (80 proof).