Rose City Distillery is the third largest distillery in Oregon and was the vision of CEO John Ufford in 2004. The following year, well respected spirits industry professional Robert (Bob) G. Turner joined as President and Partner. Starting with 3 signature vodkas, they worked tirelessly, striving to bring new and top quality products to market. Rose City Distillery, in association with the Snake River Stampede Rodeo, Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky was produced in 2006, starting down the path of many award-winning whiskeys. Since 2006, Rose City has raised the bar both locally and nationally with a unique array of award winning/specialty products and National Award-Winning Whiskeys. Rose City continues to produce top quality spirits and earned more awards than any other distillery in the Northwest.

This year new addition: James Oliver Single Grain is 100% corn aged in new American oak and re-charred Boudreaux barrels as well as our Provenance series where we finish whiskey in ex-beer barrels. Indio Spirits will be adding 2,800 gallon stills this year. This should give us the opportunity to create special and unique whiskey long into the future.

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The Beginning of Indio Distillery Spirits