The distillery has a mini-still, which is used for making small batches of gin from different recipes. The recipe for Broker's Gin is 200 years old and was chosen after taste-testing against several newer recipes. Often the old ones are the best ones.

  • The base spirit for Broker's Gin is quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat.
  • The flavour is provided by ten natural botanicals, the primary one of which is juniper berries – as in all gins.
  • The botanicals are steeped - soaked - in the base spirit in the still for 24 hours.
  • This is the first part of the flavour-infusion process.
  • The still is then fired up for the final, fifth distillation, which completes the process.

Tasting Notes: Clear. Rich, creamy, candied citrus and fruit peel aromas. There's no mistaking Broker's for anything but a London Dry style Gin.

It's an uncompromising, unapologetic classic Gin, with very apparent juniper notes and some citrus. It adds a bit of cinnamon and coriander to the mix, plus some floral notes, which ups its complexity and results in a pretty pleasant smelling spirit. Finishes with a smooth, warming peppery fade with a bit of spice.

Alcohol Proof: 40% abv
Base: Wheat
Still: Cooper Kettle Still
Bottle size: 750-70 cl, litre
Country: United Kingdom
Distillery: Langle

The botanicals used in Broker's Gin and their sources are:
Dried botanicals are sourced from all over the world and shipped to the distillery in sacks.

  • Juniper berries- Macedonia
  • Coriander seed - Bulgaria
  • Orris root- Italy
  • Nutmeg- India
  • Cassia bark - Indonesia
  • Cinnamon - Seychelles
  • Liquorice - Italy
  • Orange peel - Spain
  • Lemon peel - Spain
  • Angelica root - Poland

Brokers Pink Premium Gin

Broker's Pink Gin is a delicate infusion of our multi-award-winning gin with natural strawberry flavours.

We have crafted an intensely smooth, complex and refreshing gin that brings out the subtly nuanced aromas from our traditional hand-selected botanicals, and marries them with the wonderful summer fruit flavour of strawberry.

Alcohol Proof: 40% abv
Base: Wheat
Still: Cooper Kettle Still
Bottle size: 750-70 cl, litre
Country: United Kingdom

Charactor: On the basis of the often awarded excellent London Dry Gin with natural strawberry flavours. Extremely gentle, complex and refreshing, with very discreet nuances and flavours of hand selected, finest herbs, spices and fruits, together with marvellously fruity, summery strawberry smell

Color: Rosé

Drink Recommendation: Perfect with a zest of your favored citrus fruit, a lot of ice, tonic water and a fresh strawberry.

The Distillery: The 200 years old distillery located in the heart of England uses only traditional pot stills. They are better than column stills for extracting maximum flavor from the botanicals in a traditional hand-crafted fashion. Produced from the finest herbs, spices and fruits imported from three different a continents. A valuable mixture of natural and well-chosen ingredients.