International Alcohol Beverage Consultancy.
Building on solid professional skills: Research, On-Line, Packaging, Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, PR, Advertising, DF/DP Retail, & Brand development.

We offer, your business a Road Map into International Markets.

Business & Consultancy Highlights

  • 30+ years: working in the Beer, Wine & Spirit industry: Asia/Pacific/European Union/USA.
  • J.E. Seagram & Sons: a number of developing international roles (1986-1996)
  • Australia: Seagram's Sales and National Marketing (1986-1990)
  • Hong Kong: Duty Free Asia Pacific Marketing & Business Development. (1990-1994)
  • Micronesia and Marianna Commonwealth Area Director (1992-1994)
  • Chivas Brothers: Asia Pacific Regional Marketing Director (1994-1996)
  • Brand Owner: Cruzan, St. Croix, Rum. Sold to V&N Absolut (1997-2005)
  • Premier Group: Philippines, USVI/BVI and the Caribbean Owner/Board Director & VP of Premier Wine, Spirits, Food & Warehouse (1996- 2017)
  • Research Data Company’s: Consultant for Euro Monitor & Canadean (2004-2007)
  • Patron Spirits Company: Logistic Hub, Sales, Business Development. (2005–12)
  • Sagatiba Cachaça: Strategic planning & implementation first Premium Cachaça (2006-2007)
  • Playboy Enterprises: Energy Drink Asia Pacific Brand Development (2007-2008)
  • Casa Noble Tequila’s: Developed Asia/Pacific/EU markets (2010-2014)
  • Playboy Enterprise: Developed a Premium Playboy Vodka to final packaging (2016)
  • Grupo Modelo: Successfully appointed a National USA Distributor (2017)
  • McCormick Distillery: Asia/Pacific/India Sub-Cont. Regional Director (1999-Present)
  • Rose City Distillery: Crafted American Whiskey range Globally (2018–Present)

How did we accomplish our work for your Brand Company?

Consulting Services – International Markets

  • Strategic Sales, Marketing & Finance Plans
  • Route to Market Strategy
  • Price and Tracking Analysis
  • Channel Strategy: On-Line, Duty Paid & Duty Free, Seaports, Military

Distributor and Broker Network

We have access to a full line of Distributors and Brokers through our relationships. Through long- term relationships with international partnerships, our global experience allows us to source the ideal go to market approach in the marketplace.

  • Explore Duty Free Channels: Airports, Downtown, Border shops, Seaports, Cruise Ships, and Military PX.
  • Establish high profile On-Off Premise accounts for allocated items
  • Consistent Off Premise Independent Programs
  • Explore all On Premise National account opportunities
  • On Line: Sales, Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters
  • New Product Concepts
  • Executive Searches
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business to Business
  • Market Research
  • A Team of Global Liquor Agents

How did we accomplish our work for your Brand Company?

Product to Market Services

  • Label registration: EU/UK/AU/other country’s
  • Warehousing Bond or Under Bond
  • Logistics
  • Country by Country Brand Registration
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Network
  • Sales Network
  • Sales and Marketing Program
  • On-Line (B2B)
  • Research Capabilities

Research Services: Constantly monitors the pulse of the marketplace and works closely with our industry specialists to support market penetration and advise clients of the latest market trends and developments. Our research provides insightful analysis, ranging from national trends to local market expertise and sub market details.

  • Packaging Needs
  • Brand Educational Seminars

Training and Development

We provide clients with sales, marketing and key accounting training at various levels of development. In addition, we provide one on one coaching and mentoring programs.

The role of a salesperson is changing and has too change. A salesperson must be able to talk about his market in fact-based terms, know how to negotiate and have a consistent vision.

Liberty Lighthouse Group will support your Brand future project...

  • A team, with extensive experience at all levels in Spirits industry from Trade Research to Senior Global Sales, Local and international Marketing Management skills from Brand owner to representing a select group of Premium Spirits brands via Spirits Agency and global Consultancy.
  • Former Brand Owner: Cruzan Rum & flavored rum Range USVI; St. Croix (Sold to V&N of Absolut Vodka)
  • Distribution Company Premier Group: Partner in a Private Family Food & Beverage company based in the Philippines (12 yrs.), USVI and BVI (17+ yrs.)
  • 30+ years working and living Internationally in Liquor industry.
  • 45+ years studding and working in overseas countries.
  • Long Term Relationship in building partnerships with Global Industry Leaders.

Liberty Lighthouse Group Consultancy provides 'THE BRIDGE' from brand owners to international markets thru distribution channels: Duty Paid trade, Duty Free trade, Distributors, Military, Special Free Trade Zones and Ship chandlers to your GLASS

History: Consultancy Brand Company

  • Terra Dourada Cachaça (2005) NEW BRAND Conducted first range of Cachaça/Rum in the Asia Pacific region. Conduction region wide Wholesale, retail and ex-works Pricing, Market by Market Sales research on Cachaca. Developed Sales and Marketing Programs, Set a Competitive analysis, Category and Brand name recognition, Market by Market penetration.
  • Patron Spirits (2005): 100% Blue Agave Super Premium Tequila Asia Pacific Study; Developed sales channels to global Markets, Created 100% Agave storyline in relationship to other well- known spirit categories, Regional Pricing Analysis, Set up International Hub Strategy (Singapore, Dubai, Germany), localized Tequila Marketing and Distribution to be understood. Resulting in overall success from 0- 33,0000 9ltr cases in the Asia Pacific region alone. (8 year project - 2012)
  • Sagatiba Cachaça from 2006-7: Established regional first Premium Sales Cachaca, Developed route to key markets, Localized specific Sagatiba Marketing along with Distribution strategy. Resulting in 6 Key Asia Pacific Country partnership and a Singapore Hub.
  • Lombard ‘Purveyor’ Single Malt Scotch : (2006-2007) Guided Head Office management for first time to key distributors in Asia Pacific countrys. Launched a new ‘Whisky’ concept for Scot’s Whisky Asia Pacific distributors; Scotch Whisky ‘Purveyor’ of Single Malt Scotch’s.
  • Green Brier Distillery; (2010-2011) NEW BRAND; A distillery out of mothballs called Belle Meade Distillery; Created Bourbon path to global Markets, Packaging and label design from back and front label, Strategic developed Global Marketing and Sales programs for key international Distributors as well as a international hubs. (Bourbon Brand actual launched 2013).
  • Janneau Armagnac; (2011-12) Former J. E. Seagram Brand and the oldest Armagnac brand Company. New Owners required re-newed Asia Pacific focus and new regional Distribution. Re-lauchned Janneau Armagnac range for Asia/Pacific region. Developed a Range of aged specific Armagnacs for global domestic and Duty Free Markets. (Brand Company sold in 2013)
  • Matusalem Rum (2010 – 2013) Matusalem Jim Tirrel AP Director.) Worked along-side with Jim Tirrel; Set up regional Sales and Marketing Strategy warehousing, Developed a comprehensive Asia Pacific Rum Brand rum report, Set up several distribution partners.
  • Playboy Vodka (2016) -NEW BRAND Firstly Investigated all global markets for any fake Playboy Vodka’s. Id those distilleries producing such fake Playboy Vodka labels from Poland and Russia. Developed a premium vodka path to global Market, Redesigned Packaging, bottle, Shipper and labeling design. Proposal for a new Franchise ‘concept’ for a Premium Vodka called Playboy, Route to Market for 10 key International Markets, Developed a comprehensive Global plan for international hubs. (Brand was closed down by Playboy in 2017)
  • Playboy Energy Drink (2007-2008) NEW BRAND Asked to develop a Global campaign and sales strategy for this premium range of Energy drinks using Playboy name for the Asia Pacific region.
  • Grupo Modelo (New) Crafted Beer Division (2017): Requested my services to source the best available United States National Premium Crafted Beer distributor covering all 50 States. This is new Crafted Beer Division for Grupo Modelo, established in 2016-17. PRIORITY Crafted Beer Brand ‘The Day of Dead Crafted Beer range’, as it is 1# seller internationally within beer portfolio. Others Crafted Beers/Breweries in the range: The 1# rated Mexican quality Beer - Cucupa Brewery in addition Tijuana Brewery, Boca Negra Brewery, and the former 1# selling Mexicali Beer range.

Liberty Lighthouse Group will support your Brands future projects...