Liberty Lighthouse Group is an International Professional Management...
We specializing in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

Liberty Lighthouse Group is an Professional Management Consulting division of Liberty Lighthouse Group. We specializing in the Beverage Industry. Liberty Lighthouse Group works with a solid network of local professional in the Importing, Warehousing, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, PR, Advertising, Retailer sectors, and Brand development. We offer, your Spirit Brands, the road map (GPS) into International markets.

Consulting Services

  • Strategic Business and Marketing Plans
  • Route to Market Strategy
    • Price Analysis and Tracking
  • Channel Strategy Duty Paid & Duty Free
    • Explore Duty Free Channels: Airports, Downtown, Border shops, Seaports, Cruise Ships, and Military PX.
    • Establish high profile On-Off Premise accounts for allocated items
    • Consistent Off Premise Independent Programs
    • Explore all On Premise National account opportunities
  • Market Intelligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • New Product Concepts
  • Executive Searches
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business to Business
  • Market Research

Product to Market Services

  • Label registration
  • Warehousing Bond or Under Bond
  • Logistics
  • Country by Country Registration
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Network
  • Sales Network
  • Sales and Marketing Program
  • PR
  • Research Capabilities
  • Packaging Needs
  • Educational Seminars

We accomplish this by the following:

  • Extensive management experience at all levels
  • 50+ years of International experience
  • Top to top management relationships
  • We are a well respected group by the Duty Paid trade, Duty Free trade, Regional Distributor and most importantly by our brand companies

History: Consultancy Brand Company

  • Terra Dourada Cachaça (2005) Conducted a Study and report on Cachaça in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Patron Spirits : 2005, that rolled into a 7 year project/
  • Sagatiba Cachaça from 2006-7: established a regional strategy and set up new businesses in 5 key Asia Pacific Markets
  • Lombard Single Malt Scotch : (2006-2007) Specialist Scotch Whisky Purveyor regional introduction for Single Malt Scotch’s.
  • Green Brier Distillery; (2010-2011) Belle Meade Bourbon Brand development; packaging, taste, proof and labeling. (Launched 2012)
  • Janneau Armagnac; (2011) Establish the Armagnac brand in the AP region and introduce a new lines of Armagnac.
  • Matusalem Rum (2010 – 2013) Set up regional warehousing, brand consultancy, distribution and other brand consultancy to Jim Tirrel – Matusalem AP Director.
  • Playboy Vodka (2016) Launch, Sales, Marketing and Distribution strategy.

We are 100% Sales and Marketing partners to our brand company's... We deliver RESULTS!!