Liberty Lighthouse Group established 1999 to Present.

Mission Statement

Offering the pinnacle in professional and personalized services on behalf of our brand companies with the best global independent national distributors. We seek out only the best of the best, alcohol brands, per category for the best importers / distributors in global markets.

Our Services

Liberty Lighthouse Group Companies and our global network; offers a wide range of services each designed to help our clients gain immediate entry in to international Alcoholic Beverage Markets. Our services are uniquely dynamic and specialized. Thus, granting us the capability to fully meet the needs of all clients. We would be happy to discuss how Liberty Lighthouse Group can help your company meet and exceed your goals in the Asia Pacific Alcoholic Beverage Markets.

Liberty Lighthouse Group is the oldest operating leading Asia Pacific agency provider for its premium spirits company’s. We offer suppliers and global network of distributors, a cost effective and efficient approach to conducting business in the beverage alcohol industry.

Alcoholic Beverage Agency

The Liberty Lighthouse Group (LLG) ) is an alcoholic beverage sales and marketing Agency. LLG's key objective is to support its Brand Companies to either establish new brands or to further support established brands throughout Asia/Pacific and other Global markets. Working with our global partners in PacRim Wines & Spirits: ( based and managing Japan and other selected Asian markets and with DB DRINKS SOLUTIONS LTD for our European partners.

LLG focuses 100% of its energy in developing Crafted Beers and Spirit brands from Americas, with the best independent Global importers / distributors.

The Crafted beers and Spirits brands that LLG exclusively represent will offer its regional distributors, retailers and consumers a new perspective (an edge) when selling, promoting, and most importantly drinking their new favorite alcoholic beverage.

In return, LLG regional distributors are brand builders, build on a positive outlook, to be constructive, when developing plans for promotions, addressing sales and resolving issues in utter professionalism.

LLG focuses its Sales & Marketing efforts on a market by market basis. In other words: "the Right Brands with the Right Distributors in the Right Market."


Edward F. McDonnell Jr. – CEO